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Coaching options

From one-to-one coaching through to team dynamics, there are different coaching options available to you. Book a free 'Chemistry Call' today to find out if we're a good fit and can work together.

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One-to-one Coaching

A programme to make your goals happen.


The coaching relationship is rooted in trust, and mutual understanding of the quality each of us brings to the process. We each have a role to play.


It’s my job to understand what you want to achieve and to provide you with the framework and space in which to make your goals happen. It’s your job to show up actively, be open-minded, and ready to look at all aspects of what you want to do, what works well, and what blocks need to shift.


When this works well, the results are unlimited. 


Fortnightly coaching sessions for five months (ten sessions in total).

Support between sessions via Voxer app (text/voicenote)

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Business Partnerships

Unlocking your business partnership.

For business partners looking to get the most out of your unique collaboration.


Let loose the full potential of your business partnership with Sea And Sky Coaching. 


We understand that maintaining a healthy and productive partnership takes work and investment. By investing in coaching, you are investing in your business and team. 


With our coaching and partnership exercises, you can open up the true potential of your partnership, transforming your revenue and performance. If you have a wider team, they will benefit too.


Let's create something unique.


Bespoke pricing and schedule to fit your needs

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Team Dynamics

Empowering your team to find their flow

A team development programme to enable you and your team members to understand their zone of genius, what their best roles are in work, how best to use their energy, and how the team can best work together to achieve the organisation’s goals and purpose.

Bespoke pricing and schedule to suit your team.

Book a Chemistry Call

Book your free, 30 minute call today.

Coaching is all in the relationship. The chemistry call is an opportunity to get to know each other, work out if the two of us will work well together. It's also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the coaching process, and for me to get to understand what you're looking for from coaching.

Find out how coaching can help you and your team, and whether we are a good fit to work together.

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